SVP Handheld Digital Mobile Magnifier MicroScope
- Magnification: 10x - 500x -
- Digital still photos taking & Video Capturing -
- 2.7" Color Display-
- Build-in 4 LED lights & Measuring Ruler -

- SD/SDHC Card Slot -

SVP DM540 Digital Mobile Microscope & Magnifier with 2.7" LCD Display & Camera Function - All-in-One!

Product Overview:


SVP DM540 works as a digital magnifier which allows users to magnify the small object and capture the content for future reference. It enhances the user experience especially for collection hobbies, e.g. for coins, stamp and antique collectors.




SVP DM540 assists in professional field. It helps the technicians, scientists and researchers to record the micro contents in either still image and video format away from their PC station.



Outdoor Adventure

Without restricting their adventure next to PC station, a small, portable and colorful SVP DM540 helps kids to explore their micro world anywhere. Their can easily see and capture the plants and small animals and share to their parents and schoolmates





  • This product has on the market of all microscope and at the same time, the function with the function of digital camera, possesses professional level and a stylish personality and appearance of the handheld digital microscope, able to observe things you are real time take pictures, operate up as operation digital camera, as both convenient and easy
  • Magnification in a new dimension The mobile digital microscope offers the latest innovations which allow you to see the smallest detail – magnification anywhere at any time!
  • Thanks to the concept of microscope, magnifier and camera all in one the SVP Digital Mobile Magnifier Microscope offers everything you need in one gadget, no need for a computer.
  • This digital microscope has the following is superior to traditional microscope features: ultra portable, high magnification, and support SD card storage type, USB line connecting a computer, directly read data pictures
  • Thanks to the integrated display you can inspect your objects without depending on your computer or notebook.
  • The details can easily be seen on the display and with the help of the camera function be held and saved.
  • Can be used for prints check, anti-counterfeiting mark, antique, precious stones, inspection archaeological appraisal, calligraphy and painting, schools, hospitals and the corresponding research institutions and government departments is special, circuit boards, welding inspection, the human body and the effect of animals and plants, and so on, is suitable for both common observation mass group, also accord with buy consumption of government, schools, enterprises and units purchasing consumption.
  • The delivery includes a USB cable thus offering the possibility to save the pictures onto your PC and to see them in a large format on the screen or to edit the pictures.


Range of application:

This Digital Magnifier/Microscope is a High-tech electronic products ,also a mass consumer electronics
products, use very widely ,because it is very easy to carry and easy to use ,completely diffirent with
the traditional Magnifier products , as an high-tech electronic products for government ,kinds of school ,
kinds of research institutions, also for the bank ,hospitals,and electronic equipment factory, in addition,
as an high-end electronic gifts,for personal hobbies , to identify antique ,ore ,words and books , even
observe everything you like and take picture when you are observing. There is no age limit.everybody
can use this new product observe everything you like.

Product Comparison

Drawbacks of the digital microscopes in the market
Can only connect to and work with PC -> non portable
Expensive: $199.99 or up
Low resolution: VGA – 2MP
Limited magnification: 10x – 25x

SVP portable microscope, DM540, comes across above, which is
Competitive price
High Resolution
Wide range of magnification
Record image and video

Celestron ViTiny
5MP Color CMOS 2MP Color CMOS 2MP Color CMOS 2MP Color CMOS
1x – 500x
25x - 400x 10x to 150x 10x – 200x
Mobility Yes
$129.99 $199.99 $199.99 $299.99

Product Specification:

2.7" Full color TFT LCD Screen
5MP Color CMOS Sensor
Magnification: 10X - 500X
Light Source: 4pcs of White LED Lights
Photo resolution: 5M, 3M, 1.3M, VGA
4 x AAA Batteries
Size : 121.5(L) x56(W) x 20.7(T)mm
Weight : 70g excluding battery
SD/SDHC Card Slot
Measuring Scale on LCD Display